Nudelman Precision Engineering Design Bureau (KBTochmash) is one of the leading Russian companies specializing in the development of high-precision forward line weapons. It is well known for its Falanga antitank system, Cobra missile system of guided weapon for tanks, Strela-10 AA system, C-25L and C-25LD guided air missiles.
Up-to-date developments of KBTochmash are notable for high effectiveness of combat employment achieved due to great firepower, small guidance errors, operation secrecy, automation of combat operations, jamming immunity, round-theclock capability and for its low cost as well.
The Sosna and Palma AA missile-gun systems, Sosna-R AA missile, Palma-SU optoelectronic fire control system and PAPV laser system of optoelectronic countermeasures present undoubted interest.
KBTochmash also provides modernization packages for such well-known systems as the Strela-10M3 AA system and ZU-23 gun mount.

Additional Info

  • Address: 8, Vvedenskey Str., Moscow, 117342, Russia
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