The NK-8-2U and NK-86 engines for the Tu-154 and Il-86 aircraft are manufactured and overhauled by the enterprise nowadays.
The HK-93 high-bypass ratio engine for the Il-96, Tu-204, Tu-214, Tu-330 and An-70 aircraft, the AI-22 engine for the Tu-324 and Yak-48 business aircraft are being put into production.
The P-1000 reciprocating motor for minor aviation is in the stage of certification.
KMPO manufactures the NK-16ST and NK-16-18ST engines for gas transfer plants, NK-38ST engine with the efficiency of 36,5%, GPA-16 Volga gas-transfer plant, Istok automatic gas-distributing station (AGRS) with the power of 5,000-300,000 cu. m/h.
The GT-009 gas-turbine plant intended for the use as a generator drive in the structure of the gas turbine for the electric power plant.
KMPO manufactures the licensed automatic drive gears for city buses. During last years large-scale works in technical reequipment of production are being held at the association.

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  • Address: 1, Dementjeva Str., Kazan, 420036, Russia
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