Institute of Thermochemistry (ITC) specializes in R&D and production of articles from carbon-carbon composite (C/C) materials.
We have more than twenty years experience in producing C/C materials.
Traditionally, C/C materials are used for airspace applications.
ITC is involved in a number of aerospace projects: SEA LAUNCH, PROTON, etc. We have developed and currently produce nozzle insertions, exit cones and other components.
We have developed C/C material named "Uglecon", which is used for industrial applications:
- Thermal unit components for nuclear fuel regeneration;
- Parts for thermal treatment furnaces;
- Parts and units for chemical equipment;
- Parts and units for exploration of aggressive substances.
Parts made from "Uglecon" allow our customers to have long service life of equipment, to develop new technologies.
Our know-how allows us to make the C/C materials whose properties satisfy customer requirements. We have a full set of equipment

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  • Address: 57, Novozviaginskaya Str., Perm, 614014, Russia
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