Research and Production Association Iskra

Research and Production Association Iskra is one of the leading Russian enterprises in the development and manufacture of solid rocket motors and nozzles with extended probes for rocket-space systems.
Within the framework of the conversion program Iskra, on the basis of aircraft engines, develops, manufactures and supplies gas compressor units with 4-25MW power for gas mains, underground gas storage station, booster compressor station, centrifugal compressor of the Ural series for natural gas with 12-16MW power, 425MW gas turbine power stations both of modular and hangar design.
Besides, Iskra develops and manufactures modular units for an emergency flotation system used in helicopters, hydraulic power casing tongs, explosionand-fire-proof pneumatic diaphragm pumps for aggressive media, helical rotor pumps for high viscosities, air filtration units, Alan anti-hail systems, elastic jacks, light fraction catchers.

Additional Info

  • Address: 28, Acad. Vedeneyev str., Perm, 614038, Russia
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