State Governmental Scientific-Testing Area of Aircraft Systems

GkNIPAS is Russia's leading test range engaged in ground testing of aviation technology products. The experimental base of the test range, comprising 50 test facilities, permits the following:
- Testing of assets for emergency escape of aircraft;
- Aeroballistic research of aircraft and aircraft armament at rocket sled test tracks and aeroballistic ranges utilizing sonic and hypersonic velocities;
- Certification testing of aircraft seats, flight data recorders, and aircraft structure elements on birdstrike resistance to comply with the international regulations (FAR-23, 25, 29 & TSO C123, C124); anthropomorphic test dummies are being developed and manufactured to make provision for aircraft seat testing;
- Service load testing of aircraft armament items during transportation and storage;
- Erosion testing;
- Research of aircraft effects on atmospheric ozone layer.
Since 1995, GkNIPAS has been the major developer of munitions based on highspeed explosively-formed penetrators with penetrating combat elements to defeat armored ground and aerial targets.

Additional Info

  • Address: Beloozersky, Voskresensky District, Moscow Region, 140250, Russia
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