Comtech Concern comprises scientific, manufacturing and technological capabilities of 13 enterprises specialising in digital processing of signals and modern IT technologies, including those part of the defence order and federal programmes.
Kartsev NIIVK develops parallel computing techniques and multi-processor systems for processing radar, hydro-acoustic and other data, as well as security systems and information systems for sophisticated transportation assets. The enterprise also develops and launches production of flight recorders and efficient electric power sources for a variety of transportation assets, from underground transport to aircraft.
NII Argon research institute is engaged in development and production of airborne computers and computing systems. Among the latest inventions are the A60 high-performance airborne computing system and specialised airborne computers for the International Space Station and Yamal communications satellites. The enterprise has mastered the national technology of development and manufacture of DORA durable, fail-safe, radiation-hard equipment.
Enterprises of the concern are satisfying the demand of the national security agencies, fuel and energy complex, commercial aviation and merchant fleet, the Moscow Metro, medical and educational institutions.

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  • Address: 108, Profsoyuznaya Str., Moscow, 117437, Russia
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