The company buys and sells all types of fixed-wing aircraft and rotorcraft, airfield equipment, ground flight management systems, aircraft engines and assemblies, avionics, radio and electronic assets. The items on the list include spare parts for all types of aerial and ground assets, fabricated rubber products for aerospace, parachutes and other search-and-rescue equipment, repair kits and specialised tools. The company also buys and sells test and control equipment, standard aircraft assets, expendables, fuel and lubricants.
The company employs die-casting technology to produce all sorts of foundry products from aluminium, zinc and magnesium alloys for aerospace, automotive industry, electrical engineering and light industry. The company also produces furniture, door and window fittings. Bashaviatekh boasts a wealth of experience in manufacturing special-purpose foundry products, such as components capable of operating under high pressure and high-loaded and bimetallic basic members.
Company employees design moulds, cropping dies and airtight mold testing devices.
The products boast a prolonged service life of up to one billion cycles due to the materials they are made of. In the finishing phase of die-casting the company implements advanced macro- and micro-structure testing techniques as well as in-depth analysis of the material's mechanical and physical properties.
The customer may select from receiving either the process technology with corresponding equipment or a batch of ready-made foundry products.
The company sells foreign-made foundry equipment and metalworking machinery, and renders qualified assistance in landing contracts for purchases of such assets.
Bashaviatekh also runs in-house and field programmes to train specialists in operation of foundry equipment.

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  • Address: 3, Timashevskaya Str., Ufa, Bashkortostan, 450038, Russia P.O. Box 112
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