AVITEC Vyatka Machinery Plant

VMP AVITEC is one of the largest enterprises of the Russian defense industry.
The enterprise is famous both in this country and abroad as the manufacturer of anti-aircraft guided missiles for the Pechora, Osa, Tor ground-based SAMs; Volna, Shtorm, Kinzhal sea-based systems, as well as of the Pishchal and Saman target missiles.
The enterprise produces a wide range of assets and systems for combat and civil aircraft and helicopters. They include highly reliable K-36DM ejection seats for the MiG-29, Su-27 aircraft and their modifications, wing bomb racks, loading systems and aircraft winches for various purposes. At the present moment specialists of the enterprise are working on K-36D-3.5 new-generation ejection seats designed by RPE Zvezda.
VMP AVITEC boasts advanced technical facilities for casting, stamping, heattreatment production, machining of complicated and precision base parts on modern equipment, parts of rubber, plastics and glass-reinforced plastic, for assembly of pyrotechnic, electrical and mechanical systems. The enterprise has a modern multipurpose testing centre.

Additional Info

  • Address: 1A, Oktyabrsky Prospect, Kirov, 610047, Russia
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