Aviazapchast offers:
- Deliveries and leasing of aircraft and helicopters;
- Supply of spare parts for airframes and engines, fuel, hydraulic and pneumatic systems;
- Delivery of instrumentation and electrical equipment and spare parts for them;
- Upgrading Russian-made aviation products;
- Technical maintenance of aircraft, helicopters and aeronautical equipment in service;
- Organization of aviation product repair in the Customer's country and the CIS countries, and also foreign specialist training;
- Development and supply of electronic catalogues of aircraft, helicopters and aeronautical equipment;
- Supply of aviation materials, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy products, technical general purpose goods;
- Supply of aviation special liquids and oils;
- Export of metal, petrochemical products and products of general engineering industry;
- Distributor services to foreign companies, promotion of goods and products to Russian regions and CIS countries;
- Representative and information services.

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