Aviation Bearings Factory (the former name "Special Bearings Plant") specializes in production of aerospace and military bearings. Aviation Bearings Factory produces about 4.5 thousand types of ball bearings, roller bearings, taper bearings including double-row bearings, flange bearings and other modifications.
Our products range from 10mm to 600mm in diameter and from 20g to 60kg in weight.
Bearings can be manufactured in high-precision version, in low-noise version, other special versions. Our bearings are utilized by many industries in a wide range of military and civil products being important parts of aircraft, rockets, tanks, submarines, vessels, electric motors, cars, tractors, etc. Strict quality control is organized at all stages of manufacturing. Our qualitycontrol system meets all the up-to-date demands and is certified according to ISO-9001 and "Military Register".

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  • Address: 98A, Michurina Str., Samara, 443068, Russia
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