The engine design company is famous for its engines, which are used both in civil and military aviation and power 26 types of production fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, including the Tupolev Tu-134, Tu-204, Ilyushin II-62M, II-76, II-76MF, Il-96, Mil Mi-6, Mi-10, Mikoyan MiG-31, M-55 Geophysika, and S-37 Berkut.
The company develops aeroengines into industrial gas turbine derivatives with 2.5-25 MW power range for gas industry and power engineering.
The company provides engineering services in mechanics, vibration, combustion processes, structural strength, aerodynamics, CAD, development and manufacture of components and modules for turbojets, gas pumping units, gas turbine power stations, gas turbines, and facilities and rigs for their testing.

Additional Info

  • Address: 93 Komsomolsky prospect, GSP, Perm, 614990, Russia
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