AFRUS-Diamonite is the British-Russian private industrial group, which has since 1990 been carrying out activities within the scope of VIP and standard aircraft interiors for airplanes and helicopters in the following fields:
- Optimization of passenger cabin configurations, art- and styling solutions not only meeting but often exceeding individual expectations of customers;
- Complete 3D and 2D design engineering of passenger and freight cabins including the interior, ventilation and heating systems, water supply and waste removal systems, oxygen system, all electrical systems and fuselage modernization. Comprehensive stress analysis by the finite element method for interior and fuselage. Drawing-up of supplements to AFM, operation manual and maintenance schedule, as well as the Illustrated Parts List;
- On the basis of in-house facilities the manufacturing of all the set of aircraft interior components with their finishing meeting the highest requirements of customers of VIP and standard interiors; - Highly computer-aided in-house manufacturing of 3D tooling and templates thus substantially reducing the time of projects implementation;
- Turn-key solutions to equipping aircraft by the new or updated VIP and standard interiors; - Warranty and post-warranty servicing of the interiors installed;
Full harmonization of relationships with the leading aircraft design offices on the matters of approval or obtaining non-objections with respect to the design solutions on retrofitting as well as certification;
The group of companies has converted, for customers in Europe and Asia, 47 Soviet-made passenger and special aircraft, including Yak-40s, Tu-134s, Tu-154s, Il-62s, Il-96-300 airplanes and Mi-8MTV-1 helicopters, 14 of them into VIP variants.

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  • Address: 10, Malaya Yakimanka Str., Moscow, 109180, Russia
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