SPE Aerosila was formed 64 years ago. Nowadays Aerosila is the leading enterprise in the field of development and production of:
- Aircraft propellers, propfans and their regulators, with which all propeller aircraft of the former USSR and Russia are equipped;
- Auxiliary gas-turbine engines, mounted on almost all aircraft of the country except the Il-86 and Il-96;
- Units of different designation.
The enterprise pays great attention to extension of operating hours for the designed articles. Research carried out jointly with such leading institutes as TsIAM, TsAGI, GosNII GA, VIAM increased operating hours for AV-7, AV-68 propellers and for TA-6, TA-8, TA-12 auxiliary gas-turbine engines. SPE Aerosila is the only enterprise to be authorized and to have practical experience in conducting such work.
Products by SPE Aerosila have made a good showing for operators, and their quality is provided with the certification quality system corresponding to the international standard ISO-9001.

Additional Info

  • Address: 6, Metallistov Str., Stupino, Moscow region, 142800, Russia
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