Since 1979, Aero-Astra has been developing small-size aircraft, its specialisation being gyroplanes. The enterprise employs specialists that are former or present employees of aviation research institutes (such as the Central Aerohydrodynamics Institute and Gromov Flight Test Centre) and aircraft plants. R&D Aero-Astra is currently implementing the programme to develop Russia's first three-seat multipurpose gyroplane. The interim result of the programme was the series of Okhotnik technology demonstrators.


Two prototypes of this company's twin-engined L-6 amphibian have been flown. In 2003, Aero-Volga announced the similar LA-8 Flagman.

AEROCON is a diversified innovation company. Its lines of activity include:
- Research and development in aerospace and allied industries;
- Hi-tech conversion programmes;
- Development and introduction of computer-aided design and manufacture software;
- Deliveries of DNC systems;
- Development of amphibious aerosledges.
Founded in 1991, AEROCON is based on the premises of the Central Aerohydrodynamics Institute. The company is subject to the jurisdiction of the Russian Aerospace Agency.

Zavod Aherodromnogo Oborudovaniya (Aerodrome Machinery Plant) is the leading specialized plant producing ground servicing aerodrome equipment that possesses a wide range of possibilities to satisfy virtually all needs for servicing and repairing any type of civil and military airplanes and helicopters.
Since 1966 Zavod Aherodromnogo Oborudovaniya has been manufacturing a wide range of equipment:
- Aircraft hydraulic test unit;
- Mobile hydraulic unit;
- Truck-mounted maintenance platform;
- Oil and fluid dispenser;
- Aircraft anti-ice-covered cleaning plant;
- Hydraulic jacks;
- Hydraulic lifts;
- Safeguard supports;
- Tow bars;
- All purpose ladder;
- Lifting platform.
All items manufactured by the plant meet the modern requirements and are highly reliable in operation; they ensure high capacity and may be operated under any climatic conditions.

AeroMarine Systems work for manufacturing and selling:
- Civil business aircraft: AMS-200;
- Hydroplanes: AMS-310 Alligator;
- Wing-In-Ground crafts: AMS-400 Odyssey and patrol marine screencraft Sea Hunter;
- Special marine systems: vessels with air cushion, rescue capsules for oil platforms and ships.

Aeromechanica Ltd. manufactures gyroplanes and popularises them in Russia.
The company is an authorised representative of Rotor Flight Dynamics, Inc., the manufacturer of Dominator gyroplanes and world-known Dragon Wings propeller blades that are type-certified in the UK. Aeromechanica Ltd. offers the AM-1 tandem gyroplane, which is blueprinted from the American prototype and adopted for Russian roads.
Aeromechanica Ltd. has well-established contacts with Canadian company Rotary Air Forces, and offers the RAF2000 twin-seat, heated-cockpit gyroplane assembled from Canadian components.
Aeromechanica Ltd. personnel will teach you how to handle a gyroplane, help you get your machine registered with the Russian Federation of Amateur Aviators of Russia, offer you spares and accessories and provide technical consultancy services. You can take a trial flight from a Moscow airfield.

The company pursues the following primary lines of activity:
- Exporting major components, units, spares and materials for Russian- and foreign-made aircraft;
- Exporting ground and airfield equipment and associated spares;
- Repairing Mi-8 and Mi-17 helicopters;
- Overhauling major components and units of Mi-8 and Mi-17 helicopters;
- Development and introduction of the Raport SB SI program pack for automated preparation of aircraft, helicopter and gas-turbine engine assembly and assembly control;
- Development of electronic aircraft assembly part catalogues.
Aeromechanica-Mi Ltd. is an authorised representative of the Sevastopol Aircraft Plant, which overhauls, repairs, reequips and custom-modernises all modifications of Mi-8, Mi-14, Mi-8MT (Mi-17) and Mi-8MTV (Mi-17-1V) helicopters for civil aviation.


Formed in 1974 to design and build gliders, small flying boats and amphibians, OKB Aeroprakt established a second centre at Kiev in 1986, only to be divided on dissolution of the USSR. Became LM Aeropract Samara, a joint Russo-Finnish venture, in 1991; KB Aeropract in 1993; and Aeropract JSC in 1997.
The Russian Aeropract adopts a -ct ending in transliteration to differentiate it from the Aeroprakt now in Ukraine. The two copmpanies are no longer connected. Chief designer Igor Vakhrushev was killed in the crash of an Aeropract-23M in June 2000, after which production was suspended temporarily. A modified version of Aeroprakt-27, the 27M, was shown at Moscow in August 2001 and promotion of the Aeroprakt-33 began in 2002.

Airborne and ground aerometric equipment developed and manufactured since 1944.
Production: VBE-SVS-M Electronic Altimeter fitted with a full-colour LCD combines functions of an air data system and a flight level deviation alert system - PPKR-SVS Flight Combined Standby Instrument determines and indicates complete set of air data parameters on a full-colour LCD with high accuracy - USSPZ Improved Ground Proximity Warning System warns a crew beforehand of a dangerous ground proximity during all stages of flight by informing about underlay terrain straight ahead of an aircraft heading by means of a full-colour LCD - PVD-40 certified Pitot-Static Probe in addition determines an angle of attack - Digital Air Pressure Standards are designed to calibrate and verify pressure transducers and measuring instruments.

Known initially as ROS-Aeroprogress, this organisation was founded in 1990 to design and manufacture utility, commutre, amphibian, aerobatic, agricultural, firefighting, training and attack aircraft, WIG (wing-in-ground-effect) vehicles, replicas and other vehicles. ROKS-Aero Inc is the design bureau of Aeroprogress.

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