TYPE: Two seat basic and advanced trainer

POWERPLANT: IAR-99 - One 17.8kN (4000lb) Turbomecanica licencebuilt Rolls-Royce Viper Mk 632-41M turbojet.

PERFORMANCE: IAR-99 - Max speed at sea level 865km/h (467kt). Maxinitial rate of climb 6890ft/min. Service ceiling 42,325ft. Max rangewith internal fuel (trainer) 1100km (593nm), ground attack 967km(522nm). Combat radius with pilot only, ventral gun and four rocketpods lo-lo-lo 350km (190nm); with ventral gun, two rocket pods and500kg (1100lb) of bombs hi-lo-hi 345km (185nm); with ventral gunand four 250kg (550lb) bombs hi-hi-hi 385km (208nm). Max endurance(trainer mission) 2hr 40min, (ground attack) 1hr 45min.

WEIGHTS: IAR-99 - Empty equipped 3200kg (7055lb), max takeoff(trainer) 4400kg (9700lb), (ground attack) 5560kg (12,258lb).

DIMENSIONS: IAR-99 - Wing span 9.85m (32ft 4in), length 11.01 m(36ft 2in), height 3.90m (12ft 10in). Wing area 18.7m2 (201.4sq ft).

ACCOMMODATION: Two in tandem, though pilot only when flyingground attack missions.

ARMAMENT: Removable ventral gun pod contains a 23mm GSh-23gun. Four underwing hardpoints can carry a combined load of1000kg (2205lb), including light bombs and rocket pods.


HISTORY: Romania's indigenously developed IAR-99 Soim (Falcon) is atwo seat advanced trainer and light attack aircraft in a similar vein tothe Aermacchi MB-339 and Aero Albatros.

Development of the Soim began at Romania's Institute de Aviate atBucharest in the early 1980s, while the program's existence was firstmade public to the west at the 1983 Paris airshow. Romania's stateaviation enterprise lAv Croavia (renamed Avioane in 1991) was entrustedwith Soim production, and lAv built the first prototype whichflew for the first time on December 21 1985.

Production of the Soim began in 1987 against an initial order for 20from the Romanian air force. A second order for 30 is believed tohave been placed, with low rate production to meet this order continuing.No export orders have been placed.

The Soim replaced the Romanian air force's Aero L-29 Delfins,providing basic and advanced training, as well as a secondary closeair support/ground attack role, supplementing IAR-93s.

The IAR-109 Swift is an upgraded development of the Soim, aimedprimarily at export orders. The Swift differs from the Soim in having advanced Israeli developed nav/attack avionics and modern cockpit (including HUD and multi function displays), and expanded weapons carrying capability (including the capability to launch infrared guided AAMs and laser guided bombs), and Martin Baker lightweight ejection seats. The airframe and engine remain unchanged. It is offered in IAR-109T basic trainer configuration and IAR-109TF armed combattrainer form.

Avioane announced development of the Swift in 1993, a converted IAR-99 served as the first prototype, while the first new build Swiftflew for the first time in November 1993.