Factory celebrates 50th anniversary in 2003, having been founded 1953 as URA (later IRAv, then IAv Bacau), originally as repair centre for Romanian Air Force Yak-17/23, MiG-15/17/19/21 and Il-28/H-5 front-line military aircraft Aero L-29/L-39 jet trainers; built first Romanian prototype of IAR-93 between 1972 and 1974. Five other specialised work sections: (1) landing gears, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment; (2) special production; (3) light aircraft; (4) engines and reduction gears; (5) avionics. Site area 45 ha (111.2 acres), including 25 ha (61.8 acres) of covered workshop space. Workforce in December 2002 totalled 2,193.
Romanian State Ownership Fund (SOF) originally owned 69.99 per cent of Aerostar. In preparation for full privatisation. Aerostar reorganised 1997 into three semi-autonomous divisions: systems, commercial, and technology support, reporting to a strategic fourth division. Creation of a joint venture (Aerothom Electronics) with Thomson-CSF (now Thales) Communications announced June 1999; Aerostar owns 60 per cent of this company, formed to supply IFF equipment to Romanian MoD. Aerostar became fully privatised company 11 February 2000 as part of Aerostar-PAS-IAROM, a consortium of Aerostar management and employees (PAS) with IAROM, acquiring Aerostar stock previously held by SOF. The new shareholdings are IAROM 71 per cent; SIF 'Moldova' (financial investment company) 11 per cent; PAS-Aerostar 4 per cent; other 14 per cent. SOF retains 'golden share' entitling it to veto matters affecting company's defence production capability. Consortium agreed to take over all Aerostar's obligations and debts; not to dissolve company for 10 years; and to keep its core business intact for at least five years. Company turnover in 2001 was Lei577 million, of which exports accounted for more than 70 per cent.
Aerostar's main product for many years has been Iak-52 trainer, joined in 2001 by Aerostar 01. Manufactures airframes for German ULBI Wild Thing ultralight and components for Flug Werk replicas of Focke-Wulf Fw 190. North American P-51 Mustang replica available 2003 from Fighter Factory LLC, 13545 Sycamore Avenue, San Martin, California 95046, USA. Aerostar also responsible for Lancer and Sniper Romanian Air Force upgrade programmes for MiG-21 (comleted April 2003) and MiG-29.
Landing gears and/or hydraulic/pneumatic equipment have been produced for IAR-316B (Alouette III), IAR-330 (Puma), IAR-93, IAR-99, Romaero (BAC) One-Eleven and Iak-52. From 2003, producing sheet metal for Stork Aerospace contribution to manufacture of components for Airbus and Cessna. Engines include M-14P for Iak-52, M-14V26 for Ka-26 and RU-19A-300 APU for An-24; reduction gears include R-26. Avionics factory produces radio altimeters, radio compasses, marker beacon receivers, IFF and other radio/radar items.


Founded 1 February 1972 as Interprinderea de Avioane Craiova, beginning aircraft manufacture with joint Romanian/Yugoslav IAR-93/Orao attack aircraft; changed to present name 17 December 2001; range of products and services for military and civil aviation. Aircraft and equipment design and manufacture, repair and overhaul, life cycle management and integrated logistics support. Granted ISO 9001 status 1998. Site area 1.70 ha (4.20 acres), including 47,500 m2 (511,275 sq ft) shop floor area. Workforce 1,300 (April 2002).


Factory, established 1925 and fully rebuilt 1968, continues work begun by IAR-Brasov; occupies 136 ha (336 acre) site, including 185,400 m2 (1,995,625 sq ft) factory area, and had early 2003 workforce of about 1,300. Now the sole Romanian manufacturer of helicopters, it has produced more than 200 Alouette IIIs and 160 Pumas under French licence. Currently has full capacity and capabilities for design and development; manufacturing aircraft structural items; general assembling; integration of modern avionics and systems; maintenance, overhaul and repair works; modernisation programme; flight test and certification; and customer support. Certification to JAR 21, 145 and 147 was expected to be finalised in 2003.
IAR is a major supplier to the Romanian MoD. Main product is the IAR-330 L Puma, manufactured under Eurocopter licence; currently carrying out Puma SOCAT upgrading programme to meet Romanian MoD requirements for an advanced armed helicopter. Based on Eurocopter Romania SA joint venture created 21 June 2001, IAR also provides worldwide Puma fleet logistic support, customisation work and upgrading such as Makila 1A1 reengining; advanced avionics; new autopilot; and new optional equipment.
IAR also manufactures own-designed IAR-46S very light aircraft; has produced some 830 IS-28M2/GR motor gliders and IS-28/29/35 series gliders; spares for IAR-330 Puma and IAR-316 B Alouette III helicopters; aircraft components.
In July 2000, IAR Brasov was named as first partner of ATG in production of latter's SkyCat 200 airship.


Romaero is a JAA-approved airframe manufacturer and aircraft maintenance organisation with a reliable reputation as a partner of Western integrators. It was known initially for its production of the Britten-Norman/BNG Islander and Defender, which began in 1968. This was suspended in 1997 (more than 520 built), but was resumed in July 2002 with new contract for 24 aircraft during ensuing two years.
As a JAR 21-approved supplier, Romaero has manufactured and delivered items to Boeing (737/757 majorsubassemblies and components); Bombardier 415 water bomber cabin subassemblies and floats, Challenger 604 auxiliary fuel tanks and Learjet 45 tail units); BAE Systems (Avro RJ85/RJX detail parts and subassemblies); and IAI/Gulfstream (Astra SPX/G100 cabins and Galaxy/G200 rear fuselages). More recently, it has entered into co-operation with BAE Systems to manufacture Nimrod subassemblies and parts and ATP large freight doors; and with Sabca to produce structural assemblies and subassemblies for the Airbus A380 programme.
In addition, Romaero's JAR 145-approved maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) status currently covers such work on various aircraft types, including the Islander, BAC One-Eleven, Boeing 727/737/757, McDonnell Douglas/Boeing DC-9 and MD-80 series, and Airbus A320. It was expected to become a regional MRO station for the Lockheed Martin V-130 during the first half of 2003.
Romaero's 364,347 m2 (3,921,800 sq ft) site includes a 163,670 m2 (1,761,725 sq ft) production facility and a further 147,096 m2 (1,583,325 sq ft) of covered space. Workforce was approximately 1,300 in January 2003.