Created in 1991, CTRM became an investor in Eagle Aircraft of Australia, via its subsidiary Eagle Aircraft (M) Sdn Bhd; component production for the two-seat Eagle 150B began in 1997, subsequently progressing to full local manufacture. This is undertaken in a 20,903 m2 (225,000 sq ft) facility at Malacca by CTRM's wholly owned subsidiary Aero-Composites Technologies Sdn Bhd (ACT). All Eagle production was transferred to Malaysia following closure of the Australian factory at the end of February 2002. CTRM is a 40 per cent investor in The Lancair Company, USA, and ACT is currently also manufacturing composites components for the Lancair Columbia 300. It also is under contract to BAE Systems to produce composites wing leading- and trailing-edge panels for the Airbus A300 and A318/319/320/321.
CTRM's associate company Excelent Sdn Bhd offers engineering solutions ranging from conceptual design to digital mockups and strength/stress analysis. It has recently been involved, with CTRM and BAE Systems, in developing the optionally piloted Eagle 150 Airborne Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV). Other current work includes wing life extension (spar modification) for the Scottish Aviation Bulldog, for which it has worldwide type certificate maintenance.


Eagle Aircraft (Malaysia) was established in the mid-1980s to develop and manufacture a new light aircraft, also named Eagle, for the general aviation market. In 1993 it became a wholly owned subsidiary of CTRM, and overall owner (28 May 1993) of Eagle Aircraft Pty Ltd of Australia, where the aircraft was initially produced and/or assembled. Responsibility for the Eagle has now reverted to EAM following February 2002 closure of the Australian factory. Malaysian factory, completed March 1996, has floor area of 24,080 m2 (259,200 sq ft).)

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SME Aviation Sdn Bhd, established in September 1993, is one of four divisions of SME Technologies Sdn Bhd, a group wholly owned by the Malaysian government, which provides products and services for defence, aerospace, plastics and metal-based manufacturing industries. It manufactured the SME MD3-160 AeroTiga trainer with initial technical support from the aircraft's designer, MDB Flugtechnik of Switzerland, and British Aerospace. Subcontract work includes Hawk wing pylons; fuselage components for the Alenia/Lockheed Martin C-27J; and, for Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant, parts manufacture for the Mi-171 helicopter.

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