Company founded 1986, after Pascale brothers were released from the original Pascale company, Partenavia (now VulcanAir), which had been placed under control of Alenia in 1981. Tecnam manufactures tailplane and other components of ATR 42/72 and parts of A109, C-27J, SF-260, P.68, plus fuselage panels for Boeing. Workshops qualified to NATO AQAP4 and to Italian Aeronautical Register, JAR 21/F. Manufactures P92 Echo ultralight aircraft and P92-J very light aircraft and in 1997 launched production of the P96 and P96-J; P92 SeaSky amphibian added to range in 1998, P92-S in 1999, and 2000 RG in 2000. Pacific Aerosystem of San Diego appointed US agents in 2001.
In April 2001, Tecnam announced that it was planning to add a four-seater to its range.
The company operates from an 11,000 m² (118,400 sq ft) facility at Napoli-Capodichino.

Additional Info

  • Address: 1a Traversa Via G Pascoli, I-80026 Casoria (Naples), Italy
  • Tel: (+39 081) 758 32 10 and 758 87 51
  • Fax: (+39 081) 758 45 28
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