Advanced Aviation Technology (A2TECH) was established in 2004 as an unmanned vehicle industry support company. A2TECH is an Italian centre of excellence in the field of design and development of unmanned vehicle component and systems for civil and military applications. The company offers a comprehensive list of products that enable a modular building approach on new unmanned vehicle systems (UAS).

Custom military manned and unmanned vehicle engineering

A2TECH also now covers solutions for manned vehicles in the field of civil defence and paramilitary applications. Engineering and application consulting services are available to assist in the development of customised manned and unmanned systems.

Rotary-wing unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV)

The RV-VTOL25 TAIPAN is a three-blade, single-engine UCAV developed to provide information/intelligence, surveillance, targeting acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR), and attack capabilities and operations in tactical environments.
Its modular body architecture is made from a carbon-fibre-reinforced kevlar sandwich, aluminium and titanium. The rotors have no bearings and are able to withstand extreme operating conditions, such as deserts and highly humid climates. The TAIPAN features a nose-mounted sensor suite for pilot view, target acquisition and night-vision systems.
The 3DA model of the TAIPAN is equipped with the 3DA dome installed over the main rotor which houses a 3D shot direction-finder sensor system. The elevated position of the radome allows 360

Additional Info

  • Address: Via Leopardi 16, 37019 Peschiera del Garda (VR), Italy
  • Tel: +39 045 2063639
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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