Advanced Aviation Technology (A2TECH) was established in 2004 as an unmanned vehicle industry support company. A2TECH is an Italian centre of excellence in the field of design and development of unmanned vehicle component and systems for civil and military applications. The company offers a comprehensive list of products that enable a modular building approach on new unmanned vehicle systems (UAS).

Custom military manned and unmanned vehicle engineering

A2TECH also now covers solutions for manned vehicles in the field of civil defence and paramilitary applications. Engineering and application consulting services are available to assist in the development of customised manned and unmanned systems.

Rotary-wing unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV)

The RV-VTOL25 TAIPAN is a three-blade, single-engine UCAV developed to provide information/intelligence, surveillance, targeting acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR), and attack capabilities and operations in tactical environments.
Its modular body architecture is made from a carbon-fibre-reinforced kevlar sandwich, aluminium and titanium. The rotors have no bearings and are able to withstand extreme operating conditions, such as deserts and highly humid climates. The TAIPAN features a nose-mounted sensor suite for pilot view, target acquisition and night-vision systems.
The 3DA model of the TAIPAN is equipped with the 3DA dome installed over the main rotor which houses a 3D shot direction-finder sensor system. The elevated position of the radome allows 360

AERMACCHI SpA (Subsidiary of Aeronautica Macchi SpA)

Aermacchi is aircraft manufacturing company of Aeronautica Macchi group; plants at Venegono airfield occupy total area of 274,000 m2 (2,949,300 sq ft), including 113,000 m2 (1,216,300 sq ft) covered space; flight test centre has covered space of 5,100 m2 (54,900 sq ft) in total area of 28,000 m2 (301,400 sq ft). Subsidiary company is Logic avionics.
Aermacchi was one of two Italian assembly centres for AMX, having produced 36, plus nine AMX-Ts; also has important roles in Eurofighter Typhoon and Yakovlev Yak-130 programmes, offering Westernised version of latter as M-346. In January 1996, Aermacchi obtained production rights to the former Valmet L-90TP Redigo turboprop trainer, which was redesignated M-290TP Redigo. On 1 January 1997, Aermacchi acquired all training activities and programmes of SIAI-Marchetti, including the SF.260 and S.211 (but not SF.600 Canguro, which obtained by VulcanAir) and support of earlier S.205s and S.208s remaining in service. Production was then transferred from Sesto Calende to the Aermacchi plant at Venegono. Continues to promote S.211, including 'glass cockpit' upgrade, although no recent sales achieved.
Allied with Dassault, EADS and SAAB in undertaking feasibility study (contract signed 2 December 2002) for 12-nation Eurotrainer military training scheme). Since 1960, 2,000 Aermacchi trainers have been bought by 40 countries.

AERONAUTICA MACCHI SpA (A Finmeccanica company)

Original Macchi company, founded 1913 in Varese, produced famous line of high-speed flying-boats and seaplanes. Aeronautica Macchi became holding company for Aermacchi SpA; SICAMB (Societa Italiana Costruzioni Aeronautiche Martin-Baker; aerostructures and equipment manufacturing, including licensed production of Martin-Baker ejection seats) at Latina; and Logic (aircraft equipment and controls). A 27.4 per cent holding in Aeronautica Macchi was acquired by Aeritalia, now Alenia (and part of Finmeccanica), in 1983, the balance being held by the Foresio family. In January 1997, Aermacchi acquired the SIAI-Marchetti company from Alenia-Finmeccanica and on 19 December 2002, Finmeccanica obtained control of Aeronautica Macchi by increasing its shareholding to 94 per cent through acquisition of Foresio's 66.6 per cent share holding.
Also obtained with the SIAI-Marchetti agreement was Finmeccanica's nacelle manufacturing activities for Airbus airliners and Dassault Falcon business jets, previously the responsibility of Alenia at Turin. Related activities formerly undertaken by SIAI included Airbus A300 and 310 inspection doors and tailcones; overhaul and repair of various types of aircraft (notably C-130 hercules, DHC-5 Buffalo and Cessna Citation II); participation in national or multinational programmes, producing parts for Eurofighter Typhoon (carbon fibre structures, titanium engine cowlings, ECM pods and weapon pylons), Alenia G222/C-27J (wing and tailerons), Panavia Tornado (wing furniture) and AMX. Macchi makes engine nacelles for Airbus A318, 319, 320, 321 and 330, Dassault Falcon 900 and Falcon 2000; 1,000th Airbus nacelle delivered in December 2000. Contracted to build nacelles (in collaboration with Hurel Dubois) for Fairchild 728JET and Embraer 170/190 families. Will produce (with P&W Canada) complete nacelle and thrust reverser for Dassault Falcon 7X. Was risk-sharing partner in Fairchild Dornier 328JET, having supplied 100th fuselage (including earlier turboprop version) in 1998. To design and build engine nacelles for Trent 900 and GP7200 versions of Airbus A380. Space activities include elements of Ariane 5.
Workforce in 2001 totalled over 2,200 including 1,880 in Aermacchi. Activities in civil field accounted for over 50 per cent of turnover by 2000.

Formed in 1997; the Agusta group completely reorganised from 1 January 1981 under new holding company Agusta; became part of Italian public holding company EFIM, employing nearly 10,000 people in 12 factories in various parts of Italy. Agusta workforce in Italy and abroad was 4,872 in 2001.
As part of recovery of liquidated state-owned EFIM, Agusta group integrated into Finmeccanica on 20 December 1996.
On 16 April 1998, Finmeccanica and the United Kingdom's GKN, owners of Agusta and Westland, respectively, announced signature of an MoU which was intended to lead to an 'alliance of equals' of their helicopter divisions. This was effected on 26 July 2000, as described under AgustaWestland in the International section. The pooling of design, manufacturing and marketing activities will not require refinancing nor affect previous programme-based agreements with other partners.
In November 1998 Agusta and Bell Helicopter Textron signed an agreement to form Bell/Agusta Aerospace Company, to share development, manufacture and marketing of the Bell/Agusta BA609 civil tiltrotor and AB139 utility helicopter. AgustaWestland also involved in Eurotilt programme.
On 14 January 2002, Agusta and Denel Group of South Africa signed an agreement for licensed production of the A109 and A119 in South Africa. Under the terms of the agreement Denel will manufacture the helicopters at its Kempton Park facility for marketing in Africa, the Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia. Denel will manufacture 25 of the 30 A109s ordered by the South African Air Force; negotiations were under way in early 2002 for Denel to manufacture the airframes of A109Ms ordered by the Swedish armed forces.
By mid-2001, Agusta had built more than 3,779 helicopters under licence from Bell, Boeing, MD helicopters and Sikorsky.

ALENIA AEROSPAZIO (A'Finmeccanica company)

Alenia Aerospazio, a Finmeccanica company, is the leading Italian aerospace designer and manufacturer. Employees total 12,000, engaged on projects and programmes for civil and military applications. Alenia Aerospazio is organised into two Divisions: Aeronautics and Space (Alenia Spazio SpA). On 14 April 2000, it signed a joint venture agreement with EADS to form the European Military Aircraft Company (EMAC), but early establishment was not achieved and intermittent discussions continued into 2002 before being abandoned. In January 2003, Alenia declined to take up offered 5 per cent stake in Airbus, but instead signed wide-ranging collaborative agreement with Boeing, with specific areas to be decided by committee formed in 2003.
Aeronautics Division dedicated to full range of activities, from design and production to modification and product support for both military and civil aircraft; most entail collaboration with other aerospace companies; in 2001, division had 9,415 employees and conducted 48 per cent of its activities in the military sphere.
Division's activities fall into categories of Military Aircraft, Regional Aircraft and Aerostructures. It also operates Officine Aeronavali Venezia, specialising in maintenance, overhaul and modification of commercial and military aircraft.
In military sector, company designs and produces derectly, or through international collaborations, combat and transport aircraft such as Tornado, Eurofighter Typhoon, C-27J, A400M and ATR 42 MP Surveyor; was also responsible for updating of the F-104S/ASA-M and TF-104G-M in service with Aeronautica Militare Italiana and has assembled AV-8B Harrier II Plus for the Italian Marina Militare.
In regional aircraft sector, activities include production of the ATR turboprop family developed with Aerospatiale Matra.
In the aerostructures sector, Alenia co-operates with other major aeronautical companies manufacturing structural parts for commercial aircraft such as B767, B777, B717, A321, A300/310, A330/A340, Falcon 900EX and Falcon 2000. Is 4 per cent risk-sharing partner in Airbus A380 programme, responsible for a fuselage section.
In the modification and maintenance field, Alenia Aerospazio has a full capability of design, production, installation and tests of complex parts and systems.


The Alpi Pioneer 300S is a derivation of the Asso V, designed by Vidor Guiseppe and formerly marketed by Rusalen & Rusalen. German marketing is by Flugtechnik at Damme. Alpi also produces the wooden Pioneer 200 and has a 5,000 m2 (53,820 sq ft) factory at Pordenone; wooden components from Croatia.

AMA - Fuel Handling Equipment and Installation Services

AMA is a privately owned Italian company specializing in the design and manufacturing of fuel and water handling systems. Our products range from bulk fuel and water installations for rapid deployment up to and including semi-permanent and permanent solutions, for diesel, petrol, jet fuel and water. The technology provided adopts the use of flexible and containerized solutions for storage tanks and refuelling / water distribution systems.

Our experience and credibility have been gained over many years in the field of design, manufacture and supply of equipment, enhanced by logistic support. We also provide personnel for the commissioning, training and maintenance of ground, aviation fuel handling and water equipment systems at installations around the globe for numerous peacekeeping and military operations.

Aviation fuel trailer

Aviation fuel trailer (AFT) has been designed to meet the requirements of technicians involved in jet-fuel handling operations in remote areas. AFT can be connected with a set of bladders or metal fuel tanks to carry out the following operations:

  • Fuel receipt from a road tanker or fuel carrying aircraft
  • Fuel transfer and filtration within installations (bladder to bladder; tank to tank)
  • De-fuelling an aircraft
  • Refuelling an aircraft

AFT is available in different flow-rates and executions. Main components are:

  • Steel structure welded on a chassis with fifth wheel
  • Diesel driven engine C/W spark arrestor
  • Inlet / outlet manifold with tank unit self-seal adapters, auxiliary connections and dust caps, to perform fuel transfer, recirculation and filtering operations
  • Positive displacement pump with inlet filter
  • Filter water separator with differential pressure gauge
  • Monitor filter with differential pressure gauge (optional)
  • Flow-meter
  • Hose reel with aviation refuelling hose type C, with couplings and fittings
  • Over wing / under wing nozzles
  • Stainless steel fuel decanter vessel for the collection of drained and fuel samples
  • All necessary security devices

All fuel whetted surfaces are compatible with jet fuel. All equipment is electrically bonded.

A compact configuration of the FTP is available. This unit consists of a diesel driven pump set, filter unit and hose reel all mounted on a sturdy two-wheel trailer which ensures easy manoeuvrability in rough terrain areas.

Jet fuel containerized refuelling systems (JP8, F43 or JET A-1)

These units offer a ready-made solution to all aviation refuelling requirements, whether they are for new installations or direct replacements for bladder farms after their expiry date. AMA offers containerized storage and refuelling systems available in ISO 20ft or 40ft containers (DROPS), which allow safe storage and refuelling operations. Main components are:

  • Electrical positive displacement pump
  • Positive displacement meter with air eliminator
  • Filter water separator and monitor filter with differential pressure gauges
  • Fuel sampling
  • Hose-reel with refuelling hose and under wing / over wing nozzle
  • Explosion-proof electrical control panel
  • Generator for electrical power supply of the system
  • All necessary piping, valves and instrumentation for correct and safe operation of the system

Local storage capacity can be increased by connecting containerized storage modules in battery.

AMA also supplies systems that meet with the JIG regulations.

Containerized storage and refuelling systems are also available with similar concept and design for diesel or petrol applications.

Our services

Our services include all aspects of technical and operational support through the life cycle of any project:

  • Site assessment and feasibility studies
  • Installation design and site commissioning
  • On-site staff training and certification
  • Spares provisioning
  • Equipment calibration
  • Equipment maintenance and repair
  • Supervision of temporary site de-commissioning

Other fuel handling and specialist equipment

  • Air portable fuel cells and seal drums
  • Transportable tanks
  • Containers for storage and dispensing of lubricants
  • Containers for storage of waste oils and lubricants
  • Underground fuel tanks
  • Containerised workshop facilities
  • Containerised mobile water / fuel distribution and sewage collection systems
  • Forward areas refuelling systems
  • Aviation fuel test equipment
  • Mobile fuel and water transfer pumps

D.Marchiori was established in 1938 as the main test equipment manufacturer to support Italian Air Force Requirements. Today D.Marchiori designs and manufactures test equipment for aircraft systems or components test such as: fly-by-wire flight control surface movement analyzers, tachometer test sets, inertial navigation tilt tables, temperature sensors, calibrators, special equipment in accordance with customer specifications, and different models of air data test sets (ADTS)


DEA designed and builds the Yuma STOL lightplane


Original Dragon Fly company founded in 1993 by twin brothers Angelo and Alfredo Castiglioni specifically to produce the Dragon Fly 333 light helicopter, rights to which were taken over from general engineering company CRAE Elettromeccanica SpA. The company was taken over by German owners in 2001 and moved to a new factory at Ovada. The Dragon Fly 333 is being further developed into the Dragon Fly 3334 GP.

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