TYPE: Wide-body, double-deck jet airliner.

DESCRIPTION: The A380 is the most spacious airliner ever conceived. Its cross section provides flexible and innovative cabins on two decks, offering wider seats, broader aisles and more floor space. A380 operators can fly 525 passengers 8,200nm/15,200km in unprecedented comfort. The ultra quiet cabin, with wider seats for all passengers, refreshing air quality and mood sensitive lighting, sets new standards in passenger comfort. Meeting the most demanding noise and emissions regulations, compatible with existing airport infrastructure and with the lowest fuel consumption per seat, in the large aircraft class the A380 delivers unparalleled economic and environmental standards. Greener, cleaner, quieter, smarter: the A380 is a game changer in terms of aircraft performance, efficiency and respect for the environment. For a new travel experience on an aircraft that outperforms previous generations, the A380 puts the joy back into flying.

Basic specifications
Overall Length 238ft 7in 72.73m
Cabin Length main deck 163ft 8in 49.90m
  upper deck 147ft 5in 44.93m
Fuselage Width 23ft 5in 7.14m
Max. Cabin Width main deck 21ft 5in 6.54m
  upper deck 19ft 0in 5.80m
Height 79ft 0in 24.09m
Wheelbase 104ft 7in 31.88m
Track 47ft 0in 14.34m
Wing Span (geometric) 261ft 7in 79.75m
Max. Ramp Weight lb x 1 000 1239
  tonnes 562
Max. Take-off Weight lb x 1 000 1235
  tonnes 560
Max. Landing Weight lb x 1 000 851
  tonnes 386
Max. Zero Fuel Weight lb x 1 000 796
  tonnes 361
Max. Fuel Capacity USG 82 000
  litres 310 000
Typical Vol. Payload ib x 1 000 145.5
  tonnes 66.4
Powerplants Four Rolls Royce Trent 970 / CP 7270