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Astronautics is an established defence electronics supplier offering intelligent electronic solutions for military and civil aviation applications. Astronautics supplies equipment and system level solutions for airborne, naval and land vehicles.
Astronautics C.A is celebrating its 40th anniversary, with a wide range of battlefield-proven products and satisfied customers around the globe. Among our satisfied customers you will find Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, EADS, Bell Helicopters, Aermacchi, Pilatus, Singapore Aerospace, and others.

Military computers and displays, mission systems and modern IT systems

Astronautics currently offers state-of-the-art military computers and displays, mission systems and modern IT solutions, specially tailored to operate in military and airborne environments. We currently offer modular tactical mission systems, airborne computers, military / airborne KVM (keyboard / video multiplexer) and advanced data-link solutions that are based on our recently announced 4G software defined radio (SDR).
Astronautics' tactical flight bag (TFB) is in operational use onboard tactical aircraft, offering modern information, video and paperless cockpit application availability.

Tactical mission systems for helicopters and aircraft

Astronautics' TACTIX is a C4I tactical mission system. TACITX is a flexible and modular system for helicopters and tactical aircraft. Astronautics' TACTIX provides an onboard LAN, with dedicated displays to each crew member, displaying coordinated tactical information over a 2D/3D digital map.
Astronautics' tactical system provides a full situational awareness view (flight plan, no fly zones, threats, etc.) supporting mission management, C4I (dynamic messages and images transfer to/from ground command centres and other airborne platforms participating in a mission), etc. TACTIX presents terrain-related warning (LOS and computed ground proximity alerts). Onboard mission planning supports mission plan and editing as required.
TACTIX system supports a high level of redundancy via robust architecture that provides multiple displays to the crew member and intelligent switching supporting a high level of redundancy built into the architecture. TACTIX data-link supports modern and robust wide band communication, allowing transfer of video streams and still images between the network members

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  • Address: 16 Martin Gehl St., Petah-Tikva, Israel
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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