ATG is the trading name, from June 2000, of Airship Technologies Services Ltd, which was created in February 1996 to revive the activities of the former Airship Industries company, responsible for the British-designed Skyship 500/600 series.
ATG's design and production team draws on experience in designing and operating more transport category, passenger certified airships than any other world operator. Current work is directed towards two totally new concepts in lighter-than-air design: SkyCat, a hybrid air vehicle, and StratSat, a stratospheric telecommunications platform. SkyCat has a fully amphibious design incorporating a sophisticated lifting body, ellipsoidal cross-section hull and a catamaran hover cushion landing system which equips it to land on a grass field, a swamp, sand, snow or open sea.
In March 2002, ATG announced the first flight of its AT-10 airship, intended for advertising work, as a camera platform, and for surveillance and pilot training applications. The AT-10, SkyCat 20 and StratSat will all be powered by ATG diesel engines ranging from 74.6 to 447 kW (100 to 600 hp). In late 2002, ATG announced receipt of a contract from Japanese engine maker IHI for a propulsion system for a low-altitude flight test airship, an initial stage in Japan's programme to develop an unmanned airship-based stratospheric telecommunications and surveillance system.
ATG was reported in late 2002 to be in discussions concerning the possibility of combining its activities with those of Germany's CargoLifter, but no definitive outcome of these talks had emerged by mid-2003.

Aviation Spares International - Military Aircraft and Helicopter Spares

Aviation Spares International Limited is a supplier of spare parts, component repair and overhaul services for civil and military, fixed and rotary wing aircraft operators throughout the world.


Our extensive range of products and services includes:

  • Military aircraft and helicopter spares
  • Civil aircraft and helicopter spares
  • Electronic breakdown components
  • Raw materials including metals, alloys, steel and exotic materials
  • Hardware - fasteners, seals, bushes, etc.
  • Greases, lubricants, chemicals, sealants and oils
  • Paints, activators and dopes
  • Textiles including uniforms, boots, protective gear and flight clothing
  • Management of repair / OH services
  • Engine and undercarriage components
  • Aircraft onboard fire fighting equipment
  • Synthetic sand bags / sheets
  • Boeing approved cargo liners for the full range of Boeing and ex McDonnell Douglas narrow and wide body aircraft


Aviation Spares has provided products and services to an extensive list of aerospace projects including:

  • Sea King


BAE Systems was established on 30 November 1999, upon the merger of British Aerospace (BAe) and the Marconi Electronic Systems business, then part of GEC-Marconi.
Sales in 2002 totalled ?12.1 billion; order book at 31 December 2002 was ?42.5 billion (including joint ventures). Employees in 2003 totalled nearly 100,000 located in UK, USA, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy, Germany, Australia and Canada.
Design and manufacturing of new aircraft is undertaken by Air Systems Group.
On 5 November 2003, BAE Systems delivered a former 'white tail' RJ85 to Blue 1 of Finland, marking the end of indigenous British airliner manufacture.

Contact Details

HEADQUARTERS: Warwick House, PO Box 87, Farnborough Aerospace Centre, Farnborough, Hampshire GU14 6YU
Tel: (+44 1252) 37 32 32
Fax: (+44 1252) 38 30 00


Group formed January 2002 to manage BAE Systems' activities in Hawk, Nimrod, Eurofighter Typhoon and Lockheed Martin F-35 JSF programmes. Personnel total 10,000 at Warton (HQ), Samlesbury and Brough sites. Additionally, Nimrod structural upgrades are undertaken at the Woodford plant of BAE Systems Aircraft Services Group.

BROUGH: Brough, East Yorkshire HU15 1EQ
Tel: (+44 1482) 66 71 21
Fax: (+44 1482) 66 66 25

SAMLESBURY: Samlesbury, Balderstone, Lancashire BB2 7LF
Tel: (+44 1254) 481 23 71
Fax: (+44 1254) 481 36 23

WARTON: Warton Aerodrome, Preston, Lancashire PR4 1AX
Tel: (+44 1772) 63 33 33
Fax: (+44 1772) 63 47 24


Pilatus Aircraft Ltd of Switzerland, which acquired Britten-Norman (Bembridge) Ltd 1979, sold the company on 21 July 1998 to investment group Litchfield Continental Ltd, at which time the original name Britten-Norman Ltd was readopted. Company sold almost immediately to Global Spill Management (environmental protection) which reformed as Biofarm (pharmaceutical manufacturer) in Romania. Agreement to purchase Romaero, long-term maker of Islander airframes, made January 1999, but not concluded. Proposed capital injection by UAE-based HSDP, early 2000, also failed to take place.
On 3 April 2000 Britten-Norman was placed in receivership; sale announced 26 April to Alawi Zawawi Enterprises of Oman, and renamed B-N Group Ltd (BNG). Order backlog at that time stood at nearly £12 million. Employment stood at approximately 100 in early 2003.
On 28 January 2002, B-N Group signed a 15-year agreement with Bembridge Airfield Ltd under which BNG will manage and develop Bembridge Airfield, thus securing the site for the manufacture and development of the Islander and Defender range.
In August 2002, BNG signed a contract with Romaero for production of 24 Islander airframes over a two-year period, with the option for Defenders to replace some of the contracted Islanders. BNG's turnover in 2001-2002 was £8 million. B-N Aircraft Ltd is design and manufacturing subsidiary.


Cameron Balloons, formed in 1970 and now part of the Cameron Holdings Group, holds CAA, FAA, French CNT and German Musterzulassungsschein type certificates for its hot-air ballons. It is the world's largest manufacturer of conventional and special-shape balloons and, by mid 2002 (lataest information received), had produced nearly 5,000 from its main factory in Bristol, of which 352 or more (built or on order) were special shapes. A sister company in Dexter, Michigan, USA, had produced more than 1,200 by that time.
Details of Cameron's conventional-shape balloon range are currently available on the company website.
Cameron also designs and produces hot-air airships, being the first company to develop a craft of this type. Current production hot-air airships are predominantly the DP-80, DP-90, AS 105, the slightly more streamlined AS 105GD and the AS-120. Production of these had totalled 70 by June 2001, comprising three D-38 type, 25 DP type, 10 D-50 type, 20 D-96 type and 12 AS type, in addition to six earlier DG type helium airships. No further sales had been reported by mid-2003.
Shortly after the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks in the USA, Cameron proposed a revival of the barrage balloon concept as a comparatively inexpensive means of defence against such actions. Later that month, it indicated that it was designing a helium ballon for this purpose, approximately 15.24 m (50 ft) long and 6.10 m (20 ft) in diameter. It would use modern materials for both envelope and cable, making it more durable than its Second World War predecessors. No further news of these projects had emerged by mid-2003.


Cool Flying Machines (trading as CFM MetalFax Ltd) went into receivership during 1996; assets were purchased from the liquidator by a small group of investors and the company was relaunched as CFM Aircraft Ltd, to manufacture and market the Shadow series of microlights and Streak/Star Streak light aircraft in kitbuilt and production versions as described below. By June 2001, 397 CFM ultralights had been delivered to customers in 40 countries. In 1999, CFM secured what was then the world's largest ultralight order when the Indian Air Force contracted for 24 Streak Shadows, of which 18 had been delivered by June 2001.
Workforce was 7 in 2001, with annual production capacity of 12 to 18 assembled aircraft, and a similar number of kits, at the company's 465 m2 (5,000 sq ft) factory at Leiston. Flight testing undertaken at Parham (Framlingham), to which all company operations were scheduled to relocate in the summer of 2001.
However, in mid-2002 CFM went into receivership. Assets acquired by Airborne Innovations LLC (10 NASA Road One, Suite 209, Webster, Texas 77598), which had earlier purchased Laron Aviation Technologies, the former US distributor of CFM. UK production was due to have restarted in early 2003 but Civil Aviation Authority certification of the new company was still proceeding in the middle of that year.

Specialising in aircraft propeller and engine overhauls and repairs, CFS Aero is a leading facility within the UK and Europe. Providing a high quality service, the overhaul and repair facility also offers fast-turnaround times as CFS can return a quote within 2 hours and operate a 24/7 hour service for clients. All work carried out by the dedicated team of engineers comes with a warranty to ensure the work is carried out to satisfactory levels.
CFS Aero hold approvals to repair and overhaul propellers manufactured by MT, Hartzell, Ratier, Curtis, Dowty Rotol, Sensenich, de Havilland, Hamilton Standard and McCauley. Engines manufactured by Rolls Royce, Allison, Lycoming, Continental, de Havilland Gypsy and Alvis Leonides can all be serviced at the facility too.


Europa Aircraft company founder Ivan Shaw previously built three Rutan canards before designing Europa for European environment, including operating from grass strips. Don Dykins, formerly British Aerospace Chief Aerodynamicist, defined aerodynamics; Barry Mellers (Chief Designer of Slingsby Aviation Ltd) made structural calculations. In October 2001, company was bought from US parent Liberty Aerospace by its management, led by MD Keith Wilson, and renamed Europa Management (International). Europa is UK distributor for US-built Liberty XL-2.


Former (FAC) applied for insolvency protection in first half of 2002; this rejected, but 51 per cent of shareholders voted on 8 July 2002 for restructuring under new company title FACL, as above. FACL is currently seeking funding to take programme through to a December 2005 first flight and certification in December 2006. Workforce numbered 10 in early 2003.

Designers and producers of interior and exterior aircraft markings. Suppliers of all materials for aircraft refurbishment, including personal safety equipment. Exclusive representatives of PPG Aerospace PRC-DeSoto, the world's leading manufacturer of Aircraft coatings, sealants and transparencies.

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