Founded in 1985, Stemme was originally based in Berlin but moved to nearby Strausberg airfield in 1991; current factory area is 3,000 m2 (32,292 sq ft); workforce of 45 at beginning of 2003. The 100th aircraft was delivered in September 1998. Turnover was €4 million in 2001 and is forecast to increase to €20 million in 2005.
Stemme's first aircraft design, the S10 high-performance motor glider, introduced an unorthodox light aircraft concept by combining a modular airframe with the engine mounted amidships and driving a front-mounted propeller with retractable blades. More than 160 have been delivered, in three different versions. Current product range also includes the S2 (originally 57), a two-seat competition sailplane.
In 2003, Stemme deliveries were to be augmented by its new range of two-seat aircraft (TSA programme), a modular family of side-by-side sport aircraft comprising the S2 (originally S7) sailplane, S6 soaring motor glider and S8 touring motor glider. Meanwhile, its subsidiary Stemme UMS was to make deliveries of the S15-8 entry-level surveillance version and the S8-Safari for semi-professional use.

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Address: Flugplatzstrasse F2, Nr. 6-7, 15344 Strausberg, Germany
Tel: (+49 3341) 36 12 13
Fax: (+49 3341) 36 12 30

Address: Columbia Metro Airport, 2404 Edmund Hwy. West Columbia, SC 29170, USA
Tel: (+1 803) 726 88 84

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