TYPE: Agricultural sprayer.

PROGRAMME: Developed by CZAW following cessation of Zenith production of a dedicated agricultural version. The CH 701-Sp with 500 kg (1,100 lb) maximum take-off weight has recently been added to the range.

COSTS: US$12,360 (kit); US$38,000 ready-to-fly (both 2002).

DESIGN FEATURES: STOL performance, plus ULV crop treatment system optimised for low cost and precise application.

Differences from basic CH 701 (see US section) as follows:

EQUIPMENT: Spray Miser ULV crop treatment system, comprising 113.6 litre (30.0 US gallon; 25.0 Imp gallon) belly tank and 12 wind-driven rotary atomisers with controlled droplet application. Hydraulic nozzles produce droplet sizes varying from 1 to 500 microns in size. Electrically powered pump (12 V DC), with remotely controllable on/off switch, can delivered liquid at up to 30.3 litres (8.0 US gallons; 6.7 Imp gallons)/min. Tank has emergency dump facility.