PROGRAMME: First three (of five) kits delivered 26 August 2002; assembly in China by Schweizer personnel under way by November 2002. Target of 24 for completion in first year of programme; plan to reach eventual peak of 48 per year. Chinese government approval to begin business operations received April 2003. Name 'Shen' derived from Shanghai's river.

CURRENT VERSIONS: Shen2B: Schweizer 300CBi (two seats, Lycoming HO-360-G1A engine); optimised for training and police patrol.
Shen3A: Schweizer 300C (three seats, Lycoming HIO-360-D1A engine); utility missions include agriculture and police or powerline patrol.
Shen4T: Schweizer 333 (four seats, R-R 250-C20W turboshaft); law enforcement, observation, powerline patrol and turbine training.

CUSTOMERS: First two Shen2Bs leased to Panyu Police by Guangdong Baiyun General Aviation Company 2002; two Shen2Bs and one Shen3A to Xinjin branch of China Civil Aviation Flying College, also in 2002; one Shen4T for delivery 2003 to unnamed customer.