Ace Scaffolding Services - Scaffolding for Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Access

Leading Australian company Ace Scaffolding Services provide scaffolding for aircraft maintenance, repair and access. Ace products cater for some of the leading models of military fighter planes, including the FA-18 Hornet and the BAE Hawk.

FA-18 Hornet modular work stand

The FA-18 Hornet work stand provides full access to the profile of the aircraft at adjustable level to provide a sturdy yet light and durable platform for maintenance. The work stand is a fully modular system, capable of providing a small footprint and a large work area, easily stored and transportable.
The mobile work stand provides a stable work environment for use by aircraft technicians during the high maintenance and mid-life upgrades of the FA-18 Hornet. The system design provides work stands to the outer and inner wing, tanks and meets stringent Occupational health and safety compliance with the unique handrail for the tail fins.

FA-18 tailwing cantilevered paint stand

The FA 18 tailwing paint stand is a total modular scaffold system with an integrated access stair which is of a welded design, to provide a stable and safe work environment for use by maintenance personnel and painting technicians.
The tailwing paint stand is 2.8m high with cantilever frames installed to provide access to the leading and trailing edges of the FA-18's tailwing. The unique cantilevered base frame design provides a mobile work stand with a small footprint that allows access to the profile of the aircraft whilst clearing both the stabilizer and tailfin of the FA-18 Hornet.

FA-18 pilot boarding platform

The pilot boarding platform is a fully-welded design access platform with a small footprint of 3.4m long x 1.3m wide x 2.080m high with a 300mm cantilever to provide a safe means of access and egress for both the pilot and maintenance personnel.

Hawk adjustable work platform

The Hawk work platform is a fully modular and adjustable scaffold system that is designed and manufactured to fit the profile of the BAE Hawk aircraft. The Hawk work platform provides a stable work environment that is a totally mobile and relocatable work stand for the maintenance and upgrade programme of the Lead In Fighter project.
The unique design provides a small footprint, and efficient storage and transport capabilities while providing a sturdy work platform with a large work environment.

Hawk tailwing integrated access platform

The Hawk tailwing platform provides access to the tail fin of the aircraft whilst integrating with Hawk work platform providing total access to the Hawk Lead In fighter.
The unique design and manufacture provides a total integrated access solution that exceed the requirements and the needs of the client.

Hawk cockpit access platform

The Hawk cockpit access system is a fully welded, yet lightweight, mobile and height adjustable access platform that provides a safe means of access and egress to the cockpit for both pilot and maintenance personnel.

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